Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie Review - Kung Fu Panda

One word - "Refreshing".
Credit should really go to the film makers for the subject they have chosen..
Eastern mysticism has been successfully captured through wonderful colors and ofcourse the background score.. Hans Zimmer (my all time favorite composer), [along with John Powell] has created yet another 'mystical' score and this score seems to linger in our minds for a long time along with the colors..
Action packed flick with thrilling action sequences, with Tai Lung performing superb 'edge of the seat' kung fu action !
Getting the 'kung fu' right, must have been a great challenge and surely, justice has been done to the art form that has thousands of years of history.
Though they were successful in above aspects, they are unsuccessful in capturing the chinese culture (which is an integral part that influences the martial art). Surprisingly Panda takes on shades of 'north american' characteristics through phrases like 'awesome', 'suck at it', 'thingy' and so on, however there is no apparent reason why the character is americanised where on the contrary its supposed to be chinese.
As for the plot, the movie offers fairly enjoyable, but limited story, with only a nearly satisfactory build up.
Character designs (excluding panda) could have been relatable to the general audience in terms of how they appear. I spent a lot of time to guess what animals those characters are, which turned out to be a distraction from enjoying the movie. Jackie chan's very limited words (10 to 25 words for the whole movie) may add to the dissatisfaction.
To conclude, its a fairly enjoyable, action packed animated flick

Overall I would rate 3.5 on 5


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